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Valentines Day - To be or not to be alone?

Should you have "someone" to share Valentines Day with or not? Well if you have someone, even if he or she is not exactly what you want for the rest of your life, not exactly "the one," you still have "someone." If you are alone, then you do not have to worry, but the downside is you will be watching couples going out and enjoying this "love holiday" while you sit alone at a corner table, or alone on your couch eating potato chips.

Let's think about this, having the "wrong" person now, at least gives you the opportunity to have learned what it would be like to be with someone; to see if you can be with someone; to work together and thrive. If you are alone you have no one to work with. You aren't moving forward. You aren't learning, experiencing, growing. What if you are the problem? How can you fix things if you are alone? You will be sitting at home wondering why you can't find someone instead of making changes that could potentially help you find "the one." Of course, if you are happier being alone, so be it. But most people are not.

Valentines Day, although a holiday predominantly made for the card industry, it has grown into a worldwide day to share your feelings and connect with someone you care about. You can share it with a friend. You can share it with a relative. But sharing it with someone that you could be romantic with is what makes Valentines Day exciting.
Consider this, ask someone out on a date. What is the worst that can happen? You can split the cost who cares. But you aren't alone, and who knows, you may develop a relationship over time. They say love grows. And the best loves come from friendships. A relationship is a work, and just like your job, you get what you put into it.

Send flowers. Call someone. Make a meal. Go out of your way and you will be happy you did. Instead of moping home alone you could have an enjoyable evening with someone you never thought you could enjoy. You could laugh and smile and just enjoy without expectations. Just remember one word of advice, Don't end a relationship on that day. Why destroy someone's outlook on love? That is the worst thing you can do to someone. Instead look to develop something you have already but in a different light, and it just might surprise you. It takes work to make love work. Be open. Be well.