/ Womens March

The Woman's March

Legal abortion, prisoners rights, health care rights. Are some of the main objectives for this march. Black rights, rights for equal pay, rights against discrimination. What does this march have to do with Donald Trump? It has more to do with Obama. Why put the blame on an incoming president about civil rights. Does not Obama have to carry that blame as well?

We live in a time that makes us feel to be different is wrong. But to be the same makes us invisible. Let us look at this picture a little clearer. We have been in a down slump with our economic status. Black men are being shot just for running away from the police, Israel is an enemy to this president, our moral has been chipped away till we finally get it, there is no hope. With this president anyway.

Why is Donald Trump supposed to explain himself for something he did not do. He wants to make the economy better. He wants to have foreign relations with people who have been our enemies, he wants to stop the fear of nuclear war by confronting the issue, he wants to help the black and minor communities economically, he wants to bring power back to our country and most of all he wants to change.

Change can be scary. Even good change. If you don't want to upset anyone. You will be ignored. You will be disrespected. You will be seen as a wimp. Martin Luther King wanted to change. He wanted liberty for all. Today we are still struggling for that change.

President Obama has disappointed a lot of us. He has not given us the status of a country in power. He has given us the status of a country that can be bullied. I am looking forward to the possibility of hope. Michelle said she sees no hope. I think many people would disagree with her. We need to come out and admit we voted for Trump. We have faith in him and we are happy that he will be president.