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Opinion Post: Let's Get Real

Lets talk and be real.

As a psychologist I am often told to keep my political opinions neutral while the media is always slanting their opinions.

Here is the real truth. We have watered down politics with Obama. If Hillary were elected she would not keep most of her promises. Yes she would be politically mainstreamed. Saying everything we want to hear in a way a politician would speak. But we are over that. I am proud that our country could see through that. The working poor, no money for college, not enough to feed the family. These people often cant get enough food with food stamps. That's what I am talking about.

Then there are those that are not waiting for a handout just cant find jobs. They are caught stealing for their families and stay in prison for years of their lives. What about kids who turn into adults who are in prison because they got turned onto drugs or sold drugs for a living. Oh yes, if you are wealthy they call it recreational drugs.

Lets talk about the police. If there is a black man driving and they stop him for driving through a light, they will often frisk him, look for drugs, and his alcohol level, including license and insurance. Lets look deeper. If these men would have opportunities given to them would they be in the same position. I was never frisked for driving through a light. I had parents who both worked, who loved me, who fed me and taught me values. These kids from the inner cities often do not.

Double standards still exist. Not until we change the infrastructure of our cities, not until the police and communities have organizations together will there be a common bond. I truly believe Mr. Trump our incoming president of the United States will fix that.

Everything Donald does is sensationalism by the media. Hillary can do no wrong, criminal acts, lying, taking money from countries that do not support women's rights. I guess there may be a reason for splitting up with Bill and its not about being unfaithful. Their relationship was based on business. He did far worse than Donald yet she stayed with this man. Women's rights, baloney. A fraud is a fraud. Now lets see how you and Bill get along when you are both out of the spotlight. Does that mean vacations together just the two of you. I don't think so.