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Opinion Post: Give me a break Golden Globes...

Give me a break. The Golden Globes should be ashamed of allowing political rants to upstage the significance of a joyful evening honoring those that "entertain" us and keep us from being bombarded by droning of bad news that streams from every aspect of our lives.

Just because everyone recognizes you and you are loved and adored with people falling at your feet as you walk the red carpet, does not make you all knowing. I am sure you feel empowered. You feel esteemed above all others, and by right, you have won many awards. Does this mean you know anything about politics and what it means to run a country against a media that refuses to be non biased?

The truth is being a celebrity is like taking drugs. It gives you a high. You become addicted and you crave for more. The attention is such a drug it gives you feelings of godlike powers, makes you believe your roles are real and you actually are those people you portray. Just because you are a great actor does not make you all knowing about politics.

Keep your opinions to yourself Ms. Meryl Streep, or keep them to a time and place that is appropriate. What you did was no different than what you accused him of doing. Being disrespectful. Regardless of your feelings, he is the President of the United States of America. You disrespected the President of our country in front of our children? Is that right? Is this the lesson Hollywood elites wish to teach now? In a time when entertainment industry is overstepping all moral boundaries, and putting horrible words in family movies, you speak to us about appropriateness? You should be fixing your own backyard.

You are a great actress, but that does not mean you are great at everything else. What a true disappointment that you were allowed to rattle on about something you know nothing about in front of millions of people and promote your political agenda on a stage meant to unite everyone under the nonpartisan umbrella of entertainment, family and enjoyment. I just lost respect for you. I thought you was different. More refined, more aware. Oh well, you are just one of many celebreties that have gotten to big for their britches. Celebrity doesn't give you all knowing powers, and just because you have played political roles doesn't mean you understand jobs these real people play everyday. Going back to the Girl Scout Law, we should Respect authority; where was your respect?