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Millennial Man. The new Peter Pan.

This generation, unlike the past, has a different orientation about relationships. The men of this generation feel that quality of life’s pleasures is the most important compared to “traditional values”, income, marriage, family or career path. What is most important is getting along with the people at work and people that employ them, having free time to travel and extracurricular activities such as concerts, sporting events, Netflix streaming, TV and social media.
This pattern of doing everything later: Career, marriage, is a new phenomenon called the “Peter Pan” syndrome. Family and relationships are being delayed compared to men of prior generations due to all the allure of pleasures available to them.
This bothers Millennial women because they have greater concerns about career and relationships. Eighteen to thirty have higher salaries percentages( 8% to 20%) compared to their “Peter Pan” counterparts. They have switched roles.

The women's march is irrelevant in the fact that women have already set new standards which will only progress further into younger generations. On the contrary, women are replacing men's roles and we are headed into new role models. We need to stop back peddling and move forward.

So it seems obvious that the millennial men want less responsibility while the women are taking on more.