/ Galentines Day

Happy Galentines Day!

I just found out about this new 'holiday' Galentines Day and I think it's fantastic. Women can often be mean and catty to each other and I love seeing them support each other.

My research has shown that women who are most competitive are the most threatened by other women. Women who have careers and have a lot going for them are often the least competitive because they have less to prove. As women become more assertive they will support each other and that is what seems to be happening on Galentines Day. Women are finally standing up for themselves and are less afraid to speak up. Their voices have been dormant and now hit a nerve in them and there is momentum. Silence is no longer a comfortable state.

As we support each other more we lift each other up. We have more in common than we think. We can celebrate our successes together. We are all in this together. We all want the same things. There is plenty of joy to pass around.