What Price Power

An In-Depth Study of the Professional Woman in a Relationship. Applying her many years of experience as a psychotherapist for women and couples, Dr. Frieda Birnbaum explores the dynamics of professional women in relationships.

Life Begins at 60

A New View on Motherhood, Marriage, and Reinventing Ourselves.

“Talk about pushing it – literally…When a lot of people are beginning to think about retiring she started a new full-time job: motherhood.”

Barbara Walters 20/20

“I loved this memoir. I felt she was very open and honest, and although some might not agree with what she did or how she did it, she’s brave for not caring, and for doing it anyway. She is not a typical woman and for that I applaud her. I think it’s a good example of how another person can make choices without fear or reprisal.”

Five-Star Amazon Review

Dr. Frieda is currently working on her third book, offering inspiring and humorous words of wisdom on how to navigate a happy and successful life in the 21st century.